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40ft Storage Containers

40ft Shipping/storage Containers

40ft container40ft Containers are available as new (once shipped), or in a variety of used standards and conditions. Their steel structure, marine ply floors and heavy duty cargo doors make them suitable for a wide range of applications. Some examples of previous conversions of 40ft containers include biomass boiler housingspop up shopschemical stores, process enclosures, shower and toilet rooms, sound attenuating units, blast retardent ammunition stores, portable laboratories, switch rooms, and workshops. Some further examples of items installed in 40ft containers include curtain sides, roller shutterswindowsdoors, chequer plate flooring, lightingheatingelectricsply lining.

40ft Length: 40ft / 12.19m
40ft Width: 8ft / 2.44m
40ft Height: 8ft 6ins / 2.59m
40ft Internal Length: 39ft 4ins / 12.0m
40ft Internal Width: 7ft 7ins / 2.33m
40ft Internal Height: 7ft 9ins / 2.35m
40ft Weight: 4 tons / 4.06 tonnes
40ft Floor Area: 305sqft / 28.33m2
40ft Cubic Capacity: 2360 cu ft / 66.83m2