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10ft Storage Container

10ft Storage Container

TEU-8The compact size of 10ft containers make them very appealing to locations where space is at a premium. Not only can these containers be used for secure site storage, but they can converted to a number of applications. For instance they
can be used for secure process enclosures, chemical stores, site cabins, archiving rooms, and toilets.
Even though standard new and used 10ft containers are not suitable for shipping, they can be purpose built for this application. By the nature of their construction 10ft containers will be supplied with flat panel or cargo doors and will often be repainted and fitted with a lock box. 

10ft Length: 10ft / 3.05m
10ft Width: 8ft / 2.44m
10ft Height: 8ft 6ins / 2.59m
10ft Internal Length: 9ft 2ins / 2.59m
10ft Internal Width: 7ft 7ins / 2.33m
10ft Internal Height: 7ft 9ins / 2.35m
10ft Weight: 1.5 tons / 1.52 tonnes
10ft Floor Area: 72sqft / 6.69m2
10ft Cubic Capacity: 560 cu ft / 15.89m2