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Container Offices

Container Offices

TEU Limited Office Containers are offered in  different  standard formats in order to try and encompass the majority of customer requirements, however please note that should a customer have a particular requirement TEU is available to modify or build to that customer’s need either for outright purchase or long term rental.

The most popular Office Container in our fleet  measures  20′ x 8′ x 8’6 (6m x 2.44m x 2.59m)externally and is accessed through double opening doors at one end , through which there is a wooden bulkhead with a single personel door . Inside the container which is insulated and fully cladded with wallboard there is a window with steel shutter for natural light. The Unit is fitted with two double electric sockets, fluorescent lighting and a heater. All electrics are fed through an approved electric fuse box which can be connected to either external mains electric power or a generator.

TEU also has similar size container and specification as above only entry is through a single steel personal door located in the side of the unit. This unit is generally required where the stacking of an office container is required on top of another Containers and a staircase is utilised for access.

TEU Limited also offers an Office Container which is half of the length , i.e. 10ft (3m) but the same width and height and with all the same features for customers who require a smaller size.

TEU limited also offers combination Container  based on a 20ft module consisting of 10ft office space and 10ft storage each with their own separate entrances

TEU Limited also offers  a 20ft Container which is divided into a 10ft Office and a 10ft Canteen area, entry is through the double entry doors and bulkhead into the canteen area and then through a single personel  door  into the office.

TEU limited reserve the right to modify the design and construction of the Containers without notice and all units are available for inspection prior to delivery ex our Depot at Kirkby.